Comment connecter son propre routeur avec Starlink Standard (V2) ?

How to connect your own router with Starlink V2?

Would you like to improve the speed of your internet service or extend its range? Using your own router is the solution!

Installation in 220V

The rectangular Starlink V2 antenna (motorized rectangular antenna) is directly powered by the Starlink router. Therefore, you will need to purchase the Ethernet adapter from the Starlink store to connect your own router or our small, ultra-powerful Wifi 6 router that is compatible with Starlink.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter (available in the Starlink store)

The Starlink V2 router supports routing functions. You will need to activate Bypass mode in the Starlink app to bypass the use of the Starlink V2 router and have internet connection and routing managed by your router.

Installation in 12V or 24V

For a self-installed 12V or 24V installation or with our Plug & Play kit, simply connect the Ethernet cable from your PoE (LAN port on our PoE injector) to the WAN port of your router or our recommended 12V router for this installation.


Wait a few minutes after connecting your own router and enjoy faster internet service with better coverage.

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Mille mercis, car sur les vidéos de Youtub parlant de ces branchements (en anglais) je n’ai pas trouvé la séquence finale du Bypass, même sur les vidéos faites par des employés de Starlink.


Excellentes explications qui me disent clairement comment je dois procéder. Merci !


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