StarWifi troubleshooting guide Plug & Play kits

You have followed the instructions to the letter but you cannot connect with Starlink. Here are some things to check before contacting us.

1- Check that your Starlink works in nominal conditions (in 220V and with the Starlink router)

  • I followed the assembly instructions but the PoE light (green light) is off
    1. Check that your battery system is sufficiently charged (minimum 12.5V) and capable of delivering at least 6A.

    2. Check that your 10A inline fuse is not damaged. If it is, replace with a new 10A fuse ATC medium.

    3. Unscrew the 4 screws from the top side of the PoE and check that the glass fuse is not blown. If the fuse is damaged, replace it with a 5mm x 20mm 4A fuse (reference F4L250V).
  • The PoE light is on but I can't connect to the internet

    The Starlink antenna, once set-up properly, registers with the Starlink infrastructure and its status is available from anywhere.

    • On your cell phone with the wifi disabled and a 4G/5G connection, navigate to the Starlink app or a computer visit and log in to your account.

    • Check the status of the Starlink antenna.

​​​​1 - If the app / shows that the Starlink antenna is disconnected:

        - The cable gauge and length are critical for a proper installation. We recommend a cable gauge of 4mm2 / AWG12 and a length of maximum 5m between your battery bank / control panel and the converter.
- Check all your electrical connections by tugging on them and making sure they are snug.

    2 -  If the app shows that the Starlink antenna is connected:

        Good news, Starlink is working in 12V but you don't have access to it yet!

        - The wifi router light is blinking:

            - The router is properly powered but fails to connect with Starlink. To fix this, just make sure that the ethernet cable is  properly connected between the LAN port of the PoE and the WAN port of the wifi router. Sometimes unplugging the ethernet cable on both sides and plugging it back in does the trick.

- Replace the white ethernet cable between the PoE and router with another ethernet cable (any cable will do).

        - The wifi router light is off:

            - Check your electrical connection for the 12V power supply as the router is not powered properly.

After waiting at least 3 minutes, if you do not have any internet connection, contact us at to further troubleshoot your installation or request a product return.