Is Starlink offering a DC Power Supply solution?

For now, Starlink doesn't officially offer a DC Power Supply for Starlink V2 or Starlink Maritime.

Living on our sailboat, this is the issue we encountered. That's why we developed our own 12V DC solution complying with EU electrical regulations. Our StarWifi Plug & Play kit is available for sale on www.starwifi.eu.

How do StarWifi Kits work?

The StarWifi Kits are 12/24V DC power supply compatible with Starlink V2. They include a step-up converter and a passive POE supplying power to the Starlink dish.

Installing the StarWifi Plug & Play kit doesn't require any modification to your Starlink cable. 

In both cases, you will have to use your own router. Consult our Wifi Router section to purchase a Starlink compatible router.

Why use StarWifi Kits rather than a 12V-220V inverter?

Many Starlink users would like to optimize their electrical consumption and use their own router.

By installing the StarWifi Plug & Play Kit, you will be able to reduce your consumption by removing the unncessary 220V conversion (up to 20%). When using your own router in combination with one of our StarWifi Kits, you won't have to use Starlink router anymore.

Not all 12V - 220V inverters will be compatible with Starlink and their quality and yield can vary.

Shipping details

We ship to Europe, Switzerland and UK using Colissimo. Packages are delivered in 3-5 business days after processing the order (1-2 days).

For Switzerland and UK, you will be subject to import fees and VAT (if applicable).