How to get Starlink Roam/Boats delivered in the Caribbean?

Several people have asked me how I got Starlink Roam delivered to Guadeloupe. One of the problems of living on a boat is not having a fixed address. It was a little difficult at first but now we manage to have packages delivered with a bit of planning (allow at least 3 weeks).

Solution number 1: "Poste Restante" + DHL interception

La "Poste Restante" is a free service offered by the French post office that allows you to receive mail and parcels at any post office.

The sender just needs to send letters and parcels including your first and last name followed by the words "Poste restante" and the full address of the post office of your choice.

Below is an example for receiving Starlink at the post office near the Gosier anchorage.

Address picker on the Starlink Roam homepage prefiled with Boulevard General de Gaulle

Modify the delivery address to include the mention "Poste Restante".

Starlink Shipping Address Form

It is important to have an active phone number where you can receive text message as DHL will send you shipment notifications by text message.

When DHL contacts you via text message, follow the instructions to let them know that you would like to receive the package at their warehouse or at one of their pick-up locations on the island. That's what I did because I wasn't sure if the Gosier post office would accept the package as it needs a signature.

Then just pick up the package at the DHL location, I didn't have to pay any additional VAT or customs duties.

This method, "poste restante" and pick-up at DHL has also been used by friends on the island of Saint Martin with success.

So I think it can also be done in Martinique and Saint-Martin.


Solution number 2: Use the parcel reception service of a marina (such as marina du marin in Martinique)

The marina main office is a very practical option for receiving packages of reasonable size.

The service is free whether or not you are staying at the marina, it is very well organized, we have received several parcels there. The reception staff speaks excellent English, which was very convenient for our English-speaking friends :).

Here is the address for delivery to the marina du marin main office:

- First and last name

- Name of the vessel with the mention (Navire en Transit)

- Capitainerie du Marin - Bassin Tortue

- 97290 Le Marin - Martinique

Do not hesitate to contact the marina du marin main office to ensure that the parcel service is still available.

If so, all you need to do is have Starlink delivered to the marina main office.

We also deliver our 12V-24V conversion kits or Starlink cable repair kits in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Saint-Martin within 7 to 9 business days.

Customs duties (octroi de mer) and VAT are payable directly on the french post office website.

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